They look like the badboys of your high school that everyone looks up too like they’re fucking gods because they have the best parties and the coolest friends but they still manage to be really nice and polite and kind to everyone around them and all the girls would literally throw themselves at them but they would always just brush it off and say no because everyone thought they were being respectful and they didn’t want to take advantage of a girl for sex but today would be the day that they walked through the school cafeteria holding hands and when Calum sits down at a table with all his cool friends, Luke will lean down and press a loving kiss to his lips then leave to get them some food and their whole table will be awestruck and then suddenly let out a little chuckle making Calum smile and they would all be mega supportive saying that they always knew they were fucking and then his friends would brush it off and talk about football and then cake would be the it couple but apart from that nothing would change